Cococut- Coconut Opener



Coconuts are full of goodness, but breaking into them is no easy task. Open your coconuts the safe way with this innovative opener from Avanti. Just insert the blade and twist the handle. It will remove the top of the coconut as if it were a simple cork in a bottle!


Dimensions (Packaging): 10 (H) x 12 (W) x 12 (D) cm / 3.94 (H) x 4.72 (W) x 4.72 (D) inches.



Easy to cut a coconut. We created a way to open a coconut, or any foods tough to get into. Innovative Design. Built to last. Enjoy with a twist . Designed specifically to open young coconuts, CocoCut brings a whole new piece of innovation to the table.


Don’t get stranded on a deserted island without one!